La sérénité à portée de mains


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Patrick ALGAYER, reïki practitioner, is pleased to welcome you.

Reiki, what is it?

Reïki is the energy that allows our vital functions to carry out their role.

The reïki practitioner has the ability to feel and use this energy to restore your energy balance.

How can I help you?

Nowadays, our lifestyle imposes us numerous constraints that can affect our well-being: stress, overwork, tiredness, sleep disorders, physical pain, unhealthy lifestyle, job loss, separation, divorce, illness, emotional shocks.

With one or more reïki sessions, I can restore your energy balance to help you both prevent and relieve these various affections.

Everyone can benefit from a reïki session: children, teenagers, adults, seniors, pregnant women (without any contraindication).

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Reïki is not involved in medical treatments: a session of reïki will bring you physical and mental relaxation.

What happens during a session?

The sessions are held by appointment, in my office or remotely, depending on your availability.

In my office, the session begins with an interview that allows me to define your needs. Then, placing my hands, I restore a new order at the energy level that flows through your body by the meridians and the energy centers "chakras".

At the end of the session, your body, better fed, sees your energy flowing again. We conclude, if you wish, with a discussion about your feelings.

Remotely, let me know your request in a few words by email or by phone. We will agree on an appointment (date, time, location).

When the time comes, I suggest you get comfortable (sitting in a chair or lying on your bed, ...) with a soft background music and, eyes closed, just relax!

The feeling depends on the person: you may feel warm, cold, tingling or floating.

After the meeting, I invite you to drink a large glass of water to drain the effects of the work. You can tell me about your feelings, it is your choice, this is not an obligation.

I am at your disposal to answer all your questions: contact me!