La sérénité à portée de mains


My name is Patrick ALGAYER. I was born in 1961 in Mulhouse.

In 2003 I started my career as a magnetizer.

My training

Reiki Master 3rd degree, magnetism Japanese version



My philosophy

In my view, three main lines have to be followed to access the serenity and to preserve it:

An energizing harmony: energy that flows smoothly into the body and supplies all vital functions,

a quality lifestyle: diet, exercise, sleep,

a mental ability: the ability to define what is good for himself: dating, cultural activities, thoughts, beliefs.

An excess or a deficiency in one of these three categories disrupts the other two and creates an imbalance of well-being.

Nature and all that it contains (flowers, trees, lakes, snow, sun, fields, meadows, ...) gives you the means to recharge.

The simple things are the best: laughter, singing birds, the outdoors, hiking, gardening.

Smile and they will smile at you, good creates good.

Be positive in every situation!